Wednesday, January 16 WOD

Mobility: Hips

WOD: “Natalia” 7 rounds for time of…

  • 9 Back Squats, body weight
  • 200m Run
  • 10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Cash-Out: Stretch your legs!

Results: Name WOD
5:30am Starkey 24:55
Deanna 28:53
Kerry 24:57
Traci 28:09
Jess K. 16:36
Julie 27:09rx
Christian 28:47
Matt F. 23:38rx
Keith P. 31:47
Dave C. 26:00rx
7am Paul R. 34:19
Kelly 29:08
Darryl 31:21rx
5pm Deb F. 22:40
Big Mac 25:58
Amy B. 23:02
Jt 25:23
6pm Jessica 25:12
Heather 26:58
Gladys 27:25
Rich 25:02
Wilson ??
Bull Dog 27:17
Justin 29:26
Halper 30:47
Will 21:15rx
7pm Erin 26:54
Sarah 22:40
Jill 28:04
Josh 25:12
Terry 15:10rx
Gina 27:40
Jenny 22:00
JZ 17:52rx

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Turn-Offs: Burpees, Excess Chalk use, Loss of mid-line stabilization including overextension

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