Wednesday, December 5 WOD

CFA Warm-Up: 2 Rounds (min 0-5)

Coaches’ review of class (min 5-10)

Buy-In: 10 Inch Worms (min 10-12)

Skill: Review Power Clean, set up for wod (min 12-25)

WOD: 4 rounds for time… (min 25-40)

  • 6 Power Cleans, 135/95lbs
  • 12 Hand Release Push-Ups
  • 18 Calorie Row
12 minute hard stop
Cash-Out: 20 Inch Worms (min 45-50)
Cool Down/Stretch (min 50-60)
Results: Name WOD
5:30am Irina 11:02
Vicki 10:52
Liz 3+5
Jess K. 11:54
Mary S. 11:05
Ali 9:18
Joseph 8:10
Jerry 11:19
Will 8:49rx
Dave C. 9:21rx
Matt F. 7:53rx
7:00am Rich 7:19rx
Kevin 11:23rx
Keith P. 10:29rx
Paul R. 9:21
Jt 9:26rx
5pm Allie 9:54rx
Kelsey 11:41
Tony 6:17rx
Simon 9:31
Connor 7:44
Chris P. 6:44rx
Jim M. 10:19
Dan V. 10:35
Dan S. 10:18
Eric 9:34rx
Paul K. 9:00rx
David 10:23
Brandon 9:02
6pm Jess 3+25
Kate 11:06
Jenn F. 11:43
June 11:56
Kelly 11:09
Steph 10:06
Ryan 8:20rx
Caps 6:38rx
Tyler D. 9:54
Wilson 8:55rx
Kara 11:05
7pm Gladys 11:59
Kris T. 10:36rx
Erin S. 11:44
Meg p.m. 9:13
Danielle S? 9:01
Gina 10:56
Halper 8:45rx
Brody 8:09rx
Tommy 9:27
Scott 8:43
Chris S. 7:22rx



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Turn-Ons: Double Unders, bench press, upper body strength, power cleans, and of the snatch

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