Tuesday, November 14 WOD

‪Room 1‬
Warmup: ‬10s Squat Hold x 3 (knees out, torso upright)
2 Rounds:
25’ Broad Jump
25’ High Hips Bear Crawl
10 Fire Hydrants each
5 PVC Pass Thru’s
Skill Review: Hang Muscle Snatch+ Hang Power Snatch
Buy-In: 8:00 EMOM: ‬
‪1 Hang Muscle Snatch+2 Hang Power Snatch- building ‬
WOD: 7 Rounds For Time:‬
‪6 Deadlifts (C: 225/155, P: 205/135, F: 185/ 115) ‬
‪3/2 Wall Walks‬
‪40 Double Unders‬
Cashout: 3 Sets: ‬
‪6/ea Seated DB Seesaw Press ‬
‪10 Nordic Curls‬

Teens and Tweens‬
Room 2
Warmup: 3 rounds (41/2 minutes)
:30 mt climbers
:30 Handstand hold (scale to plate overhead hold)
:30 max situps
Buy-In: Rowing review
WOD: 5 rounds
:60 row for cals
:60 squat jumps
;60 farmers carry
;60 rest
Score =total cals and total squat jumps

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