Thursday, May 3 WOD 050312

Mobility: Hamstrings

Skill: Romanian DeadLift

WOD: Romanian DeadLifts  5-5-5-5-5

Cash-Out: 12-10-8-6-2 rep rounds of…

  • GHD Sit-Ups
  • Hip Extension
Results: Name WOD
5:30am Alison 155
Jerry 145
Megan 75
Tina 115
Dave C. 145
7am Paul 175
Linda 145
5pm Erin 115
6pm Justin 275
Jt 225
Kyle 275
Nikki 80
Gregg 185
Jenn 100
Dan C. 275
7pm Meg 135
Merya 145
Dan S. 205
Tony 265
Jill F. 175
Jill T. Foundations
Malaika 170
Bill trial
Adam trial
Kasey 125

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Turn-Offs: Burpees, Excess Chalk use, Loss of mid-line stabilization including overextension

Coach Pozzetta


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