Thursday, April 18 WOD 041812

Mobility: Hips n Shoulders

Skill: Review standard of movements for “Fran”

WOD: “Fran” 21-15-9 rep rounds of…

  • Thrusters, 95/65lbs
  • Pull-Ups

Cash-Out: Walking Lunge Tabata, 45/25lb plate overhead

Results: Name WOD Cash-Out
5:30am Tina 6:51, 50/blue 8/15lbs
Scott B. 0:35, 75/g+b 6/25
Caroline 10:22, 60/green 9rx
Alison 10:13, rx/green 10/25
Cameron 9:52, rx/green ##
Austin 7:38, 60/green ##
Dave C. 9:44rx Puked
7am Chuck 6:54rx 7/25
Larry 1 round @95 3/35
Jerry 8:05, 75/r+b 6rx
Jay 6:48rx 5rx
Kevin 9:30, 75/rx 5/35
5pm Kris T. 8:42, rx/r+p 6rx
Caps 4:50rx 9rx
6pm Heather 9:14, 55/b+g 6rx
Steph 6:24, 50/g+p 9rx
Dan S. 7:59, 75/rx 5rx
Jt 5:33, 85/rx 5rx
Louie 6:41, 70/blue 7/25
7pm Kyle 7:47, 80/rx 5rx
Erin 6:56, 55/red 6rx
Merideth 7:58, 40/green 4/15
Adam 7:51, 60/red 6/25
Merya 5:11, 40/2xb 10rx
Nikki 8:58, 35/r+g 6/15

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