Saturday, March 23 WOD

Skill Review: WOD movements

Partner Buy-In: 1600m Row (clock starts)

Partner WOD: Spartan 300 Workout for time…

  • 25 Pull-Ups
  • 50 DeadLifts, 135/95lbs
  • 50 Push-Ups
  • 50 Squat to Box Jumps,  24/2o”
  • 50 Floor Wipers, 135/95, left +right= 1 rep
  • 50 Clean and Press, 1 pood, 25 right then 25 left
  • 25 pull ups

Partner Cash-Out: 116 Royal Burpee Challenge daily burpees, done by each partner (clock stops)

The Rules:

  • Partners must share equipment
  • Only 1 partner can be working at a time


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