Monday, May 28 WOD

WOD: For time:

  • Row 500 meters
  • 30 Floor to Overhead, 60% of Body Weight
  • Row 1000 meters
  • 20 Floor to Overhead, 60% of Body Weight
  • Row 2000 meters
  • 10 Floor to Overhead, 60% of Body Weight


Monday – May 28th 2012
9am – 11am  Ryan 32:04 Rx
  Caps 24 Rx
  Lindsay Killed Helen
  Allison Did her own thang
  Mr. Coops Row, Row Row your boat
  Scott H. 20 min AMRAP of 5 HSPU, 10 Back Ext, & 15 Pull Ups – 7 rds
  Rosa 34:54 Rx
  Meg 27:10 (65)
  Kris T.  30:30 (65)
  Dan C.   33:40 Rx
  Jamie H.  41:31 Rx
  Brody It Killed Him
  Justin  27:15 Rx
  Jenn 40:43 (60)
  Meredith  Row, Row Row your boat

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