Friday, May 25 WOD

Mobility: Hamstring Marches and Caterpillars

WOD: 12 rounds for time of…

  • 100 meter sprint
  • 1 minute rest between rounds

Cash-Out: Accumulate 3 minutes in a plank, 45/25lbs


Results: Name WOD WOD
5:30am Alsison 14:53 4:40
Caroline 14:54 3:11rx
Jerry 14:57 4:30RX
Megan 14:48 5:13
7am Peter 14:30 5:48
Will 13:51 3:30rx
Kevin 13:58 5:07rx
Brian 14:01 5:20rx
5pm Dena n/a 4:00rx
Vicki 14:22 3:20
Brian W. 15:00 1:00
Gina 14:45 5:26
6pm Jenn 15:08 5:00
Jamielee 14:08 3:15rx
Justin 13:48 3:33rx
Nick 13:56 5:10rx
Dan C. n/a 4:10rx
7pm Scott H. 13:41 3:00rx
Caps 13:46 4:30rx
Lindsay n/a 4:50rx
Halper 14:24 5:30rx

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Turn-Offs: Burpees, Excess Chalk use, Loss of mid-line stabilization including overextension

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