Saturday, June 1 WOD

Partner WOD:  AMPAP (As Many Points As Possible) in 20 minutes by performing the following…

  • 1 Snatch = 10
  • 1 Thruster = 5
  • 1 Ground to Overhead = 4
  • 1 Squat Clean = 3
  • 1 Deadlift = 1

The Rules:

  • Each team must share a bar
  • Use 50% of the average 1 rep max DeadLift of the team
  • Points are accumulated based on the table above


Looking for a way to track your workouts and results? Checkout the MyWOD app, available for all you iPhone / iOS and Android users. Or get vintage and use a good old fashioned notebook!

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Favorite WOD Shoe: All of them, provided the toe/heel differential is low and the colors are loud!

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