Signing up with CrossFit Advanced is the best decision I’ve made in past year, and a serious contender for one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s been life changing. Physically, you can see I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, am healthier and am in better shape. But it’s more than just a physical improvement. Mentally, I’m more prepared to tackle whatever challenges life throws my way because I am more confident in my own abilities. I find I handle stress better. I’ve developed an apparent addiction to mud runs with military-style obstacles. But these are unexpected outcomes, you probably want to know about the workouts.The workouts are always different, and always challenging. CrossFit can be intimidating in its intensity, but have no fear: every workout is scaled to whatever your ability is today. CrossFit is not easy, but using it to get in shape at CFA is; all you have to do is show up. You don’t need to be an athlete to walk in the door, but if you make CFA a habit, you’ll walk out one.As an added bonus – which I never expected — it’s much more than joining a gym, it’s joining a community. From the most advanced fire-breather to the newest newbie, everyone is on your side, cheering you on. Who knew pain could be so much fun? Man, woman or child, we’re all in it together, whatever the workout is. No matter where you start, it’s a journey, and we’re on the same sweaty road together. We’re all working to build ourselves a better tomorrow.

No one will cheer your progress more than CFA Owner Greg Tymon. While CrossFit is a fantastic program, not all CrossFit affiliates are created equal. Greg Tymon has gone way beyond the minimal requirements of passing a baseline certification; he’s got advanced degrees and years of experience in personal training. That knowledge and extensive experience is invaluable in protecting you from injuries, and when necessary, modifying workouts to accommodate minor injuries or differences in ability. Whether your a newbie just rolling in off the couch or a seasoned athlete, Greg and the other CFA coaches work hard to make sure you keep your form honest and your workouts appropriately challenging. It can be tough medicine, but necessary for you to improve and reach your goals, whether you want to win an athletic scholarship, run a marathon, or fit back into the clothes you wore 10 years ago.Most people lack the skill, knowledge and training to able to make this kind of progress on their own. I’m delighted to have found a place like CrossFit Advanced — which is welcoming, supportive and yet always challenging — right in my own backyard.

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