A year ago, this whole thing started as a weight loss project for me, but has evolved into a journey so far beyond whatever I had imagined. It’s gone past the way I look and into the way I feel.

For years, I tried so many things to attempt to get into shape and lose weight, but nothing ever stuck with me. With boring treadmill walking and stationery bike riding, not having someone there to constantly push me, I’d quit. Frustration led to laziness and I’d be right back where I started.

Until a year ago, when I finally decided this was it. My last try at doing something to better myself, and if I quit, that was it. I was done.  No more wasting my money on unused gym memberships, unwatched exercise DVD’s and uneaten diet food. I called this number for a personal trainer and got the voicemail. Had the person who received that message never called me back, I’d still be sitting on my couch right now. But he did and that’s really when the journey started and my life saw a change. I began with the personal training and now had that push. I was told if I was late to a workout, I’d get a phone call asking where I was. When I wanted to quit mid workout, I wasn’t allowed. When I felt like I was going to puke I was told, “just don’t do it here.”

Transitioning from months of that to CrossFit intimidated me and I thought I might not continue. I thought CrossFit would be too hard, that I wouldn’t be fit enough to join the people already doing it.  I didn’t realize that although we did the same exercises, we all used weights and equipment that we could handle, and that the room was a mixed bag of skill level. This was the relief and reassurance I needed.

Fast forward 3 months and one mild CrossFit obsession later. I am now setting fitness goals that I thought would always be too far out of my reach. Me doing a pull up, even with a band for help, made me laugh it was so absurd. Now, forget the band,  I hope to do one unassisted in the next couple months.

A year ago I hated sweating and being out of breath. Now I think something is wrong if I’m not!

I have to thank the group of fantastic people I joined in doing this, that have encouraged and helped push me to things I never imagined. And to Coach Greg I owe the biggest thank you. There was always the balance of pushing me when he knew I could handle it, and the knowing when I had reached my limit in those early days. Now I don’t have any limits. To say I am a totally different person from a year ago is an understatement. I have become more confident, stronger, fitter, happier, healthier, the list is endless. It stopped being a weight loss thing not long after I started, and was just my new way of life from there.

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