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All new members will begin their CrossFit Advanced experience by enrolling in our Foundations Program (first month of membership).  The program is designed to introduce members to CrossFit in a safe and progressive manner.  The emphasis is on skill development and exposure to our most used movements.  During this 1st month, every new member will attend 3 Foundation Classes where the essential  movements are demonstrated then practiced until done correctly to ensure your safety and success at the next level.  Your mom called and made us promise we would take good care of you.

Foundations Program Overview:

"Amazing coaching staff, intense workouts, good equipment, and camaraderie you won't find in GloboGym. Warning CrossFit is highly addictive!"
Brandon from Easton, PA

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Turn-Offs: Injury, Double-Unders (the reason for my occasional foul language), front squats, the guy at LA Fitness who told me he likes to use CrossFit WODs as a warm-up before doing his workout which was Chest and Triceps that day (what??).

Coach Tymon


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